The Ancient Inn Continues Its Unspoilt 500+ year Journey

With Green Energy

The Inn 'being off-Grid' was in its ancient past candle lit with open fires. It has relied in modern times entirely on Deisel Generators now being monitored for energy efficiency via 'The Owl': (2 Save Energy Ltd). This is an inexpensive handy product that lets me keep spreadsheets showing all of our power energy usage.

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The family owned Kirkstone Pass Inn now has a new lease of life for many years to come.

The Wind Turbine and Battery system is designed, built and installed by MMCESL an enormously helpful Cumbria Based engineering company with expertise in both grid connected and off grid wind energy solutions.

The three turbines installed by MMCESL have a generation capacity of 5kW each.The off grid supply is backed up by a 2500 AHr battery system and will provide the Inn with a continuous 15kW of electrical power


    The grateful Inn team wish to extend our sincere thanks, on behalf of all our visitors and customers, to all that supported our Planning Application. Not least the senior officers and Planning committee members at the Lake District Natrional Park Authority, Local Parish Councils and the Friends of the Lake District, who's profesional approach to the needs of this business has (given rip-off Deisel prices) brought the inn back from the brink that would have eventually seen this iconic place closed and lost for ever. A shocking Prospect if you will forgive the pun!


The Work to install our new system is now complete despite unfriendly weather conditions MMC battled the elements providing an environmental friendly power source.
The Kirkstone Pass Inn for the first time in it’s 500+ year history has Power Without Polution


The Kirkstone Pass Inn, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LQ
Telephone - 015394 33888